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 Ranking Structure

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PostSubject: Ranking Structure   Ranking Structure I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 20, 2009 2:30 pm

Abilities: try to get know CFG members
Answers to: Sergeant.
Description: Recruits is the first rank in CFG. Recruits need to be at meetings and any others clan activities . They should learn as much of CFG as they can.
Promotion: Recruits need to in CFG for 1 week.
Symbol on Halo 3: Delta Symbol with the background of the squad.

Abilities: Privates are able to participate in CFG events.
Answers to: Sergeant
Description: This rank is for people who have been promoted from Recruit. Privates need to be at meetings and learn the Code Of Conduct and Ranking Structure.
Promotion: Privates need to recruit 2 people for promotion, They Also Need to be active on the website/forums.
Symbol on Halo 3: Supernova toggled with squad color and background

Lance Corporals
Abilities: Lance Corps. have shown that they are responsible enough to recruit on there own and are given member status
Answers to: Sergeant
Description: This rank is for people who have proven themselves as trust worthy, and signed up at the website/forums. They help the Sergeant and Corporals with the lower ranks and recruit people correctly. They can promote up to private with sergeant or higher permission.
Promotion: Lance Corps. need to show good leadership skills. They must also know the ranking structure, and recruit 3 people.
Symbol on Halo 3:Sol with squad color and background.

Abilities: Corps. are able to train on all lower ranks.
Answers to: Sergeants
Description: Corps. have the responsibility of recruiting. They must also set examples for the people under them, Every Corp. should be training people below them. they can also promote up to lance corporal with Sergeant permission or higher.
Promotion: Need to have set a example to the lower ranks. They also need to show good leadership, devotion to CFG ,and devotion to his/her squad. Also you need to put CFG in front of your gamertag with all caps.
Symbol on Halo 3:Stuck with squad colors and background.

SergeantsAbilities: Sergeants are able to call and run there own practices. They are also allowed to promote up to Corporals with major permission. Answers to: Major or General.
Description: Sergeants need to enforce the website and forums to lower ranking and recruiting. Sergeants can run there own practices and train lower ranks.
Promotion: Need to show great leadership and set examples, also recruit 4 members.
Symbol on Halo 3:Trident with squad color and background

Abilities: is aloud to demote and promote up to Sergeants with permission from a major or higher. They are also aloud to run practices with out permission from the major or general, but let them know first.
Description: Assists the General to manage the Squad and taking his place when he or she is not present. They also need to send out leader messages for your squad . They must also help the Captains and higher to solve the biggest problems of the squad. By this they must be fully trained in what the chain of commands is and understand how it works and what it takes for this or any other rank to follow through with the chain.
Answers to: Majors or higher
Promotion: Lieutenants needs to be in CFG for at least a month before they are eligible for a promotion. They need to know how to run a practice, train members, and fully understand the ranks below and above them.
Symbol on Halo 3:1-4 Gold toggled with squad color and background

Abilities: Captains are aloud to promote or demote up lieutenants with permission from the Generals .They also can run meetings and practice but got to let the major or general know before. And need to send out leader messages at least every 2 days.
Description: It is the Captain job is to make sure all lower ranks are train and on the website/forums daily. Also send out leader messages at least every 2 days. And post on the website, help Lieutenants out with whatever they need.
Reports to: Major or General.
Promotion: Captains need to be in CFG for at least a month in a half before they can get promoted. They need to show that they can handle problems and that they completely understand every rank below and above them. They must also show that they are responsible enough to run a meeting.
Symbol on Halo 3:White number 1-3 toggled with squad color and background

Abilities: Major are aloud to promote and demote up to captain. They can call meeting and practices, they are second in control of the his or her squad.Description: They make sure that their squad are running correctly and efficiently. Majors train Captains and Lieutenants. They also make sure they be on the website and maintaining there squad forum, by posting a squad schedule or a squad list.
Reports to: General or higher
Promotion: Majors need to be in CFG for at least 1 in half months before they are eligible for a promotion and must show exceptional leadership skills.
Symbol on Halo 3:Runes toggled with squad colors and background

Abilities: Generals are allowed to call any squad meetings or practices. Generals also can promote/demote major down. Also they are eligible for moderators over there squad on the forums.
Description: Generals are basically the head of the squad but that don’t mean you only need to respect he or she. Generals and majors run the meetings only if the Co Commander need to step in. They need to have there major to know how to do a squad list, run meetings and practices properly. Generals should have two meeting a week for the squad and at least 1 practice a week .
Reports to: Co Commander
Promotion: Generals need to be in CFG for at least 2 months before they can be promoted to Co Commander. They must understand all ranks below them and up must show great leader ship. They must know how to run a squad smoothly and know when its in trouble, also you need to be very trust worthy.
Symbol on Halo 3:Hawk toggled with squad colors and backgrounds

Co Commander
Abilities: Co Commander are able to run there own squad clan tag. They have to watch over there squad to make sure it is running right and the general is doing his/her job.
Description: Co-Commanders need to train the general as much as they can, that mean at least three mini meetings together. Co Commanders need to make sure that each squad is running correctly. They can promote/demote up to general, but need to confirm with Commander first . Co Commanders only have power over squads that they are assigned.
Reports to: Commander or higher.
Promotion: Co-Division Leaders need to be in CFG for at least 4 months before they can be promoted. They must show excellent leadership and prove that they can handle the immense responsibility of running a squads.
Symbol on Halo 3:Jolly Roger with any color/background of his or her squads.

Abilities: Commanders are aloud to promote/demote to Co Commander confirmed Division Leader . They are also aloud to kick anybody out or suspend any rank below them confirmed by the Section General for a good reason . They only have power in the squads that they are assigned too.
Description: Commander need to have a good relationship with there Co Commanders, which mean he/she need to train the Co Commander . Co Commanders must make sure that their squads are running correctly, They must also make sure that all ranks below them are doing their jobs. This is a huge responsibility and should be treated that way.
Reports to: Division leader or higher.
Promotion: Commanders need to be in CFG for at least 6 months before they can be promoted. They must have a complete understanding of how a division runs. They must know how a successful division. They must also have a complete understanding of how every rank in CFG works and how each rank supports another.
Symbol on Halo 3: Skull King with any color/background in his or her squad colors.

Division Leader
Abilities: Division leader can kick anybody out of the section and suspend anyone below them. They have power only in the division they are over, they cant decide on peoples ranks in other
section. Also they can promote and demote up to co commander.
Description: Division leader is needed to watch over a hold section in the clan. Being an division leader is a lot of responsibility. You must make sure that people are not abusing there power and that everything is running correctly in the Section. This is one of the most important ranks in the clan.
Reports to: Clan Analyst or higher.
Promotion: Division Leader needs to be in CFG for at least 8 months before they can be promoted. Division Leader must know how to run a section and know how to run there forums. They must understand how to shut down and open squads. They must also learn how to Demote and promote every rank below them. They must be promoted by a chief of staff or higher.
Symbol on Halo 3: Champion toggled with any squad color/ background in his or her section.

Abilities: Have full admin over the website and forums
Description: Work on the website daily and report to the chief of staff or higher
Symbol on Halo 3: N/A

Clan Analyst
Abilities: Clan Analyst are aloud to black list and ban any one below them confirmed by the chief of staff or higher. They have the power to shut down and open entire divisions. They can promote and demote up to commander and can suspend any rank below them.
Description: They have the power to open&close divisions. They have full power over any rank below them. They also have full power to black list people and clans. Clan Analyst is one of the most important ranks of CFG and they should be treated with respect. They make sure that site rules are also being followed as well as clan rules.
Answers to: Chief of staff or higher
Promotion: Clan analyst will be promoted if the creator deems them responsible or thinks that they have put enough time and effort into CFG.
Symbol on Halo 3: Helmet with solid background.

Chief of Staff
Abilities: Chief of Staff is a rank for the business side of CFG. They deal with multiple aspects of the community.
Description: Chief of Staff are in charge of running the Marketing team, dealing with Public Relations and Human Resource teams, and dealing with internal clan problems. Each member has a different job description and each works to make our community a better place.
Answers to: Co Creator or higher.
Symbol on halo 3: Spartan Helmet with solid background

Abilities: Co-Creator has the power over all CFG. In and out of the games. They are Co-Owners of CFG and should be treated with the up most respect.
Description: Co-Creators are Co-Owners of all of CFG.
Answers to: Creator Only.
Symbol on Halo 3:Trip mine and sun toggled with any color.

Abilities: May make any decisions to make the community a better place for everyone.
Description: The creator of CFG is the supreme rank in CFG and they can make any decisions on or offline. Their rulings are final on any and all decisions they make. They should be treated with the utmost respect. The creator is the complete owner of CFG.
Symbol on Halo 3: Snake toggled with any color
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Ranking Structure
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